About Life Publications

Life Publications Ltd was created in 1974. The basis of the company has been to publish and record the ambitions and achievements of Terence O’Halloran its founder and managing director / shareholder. The company was designed to convey information rather than make money.


The purpose of Life Publications was then, and is now, to facilitate the promulgation of information and methodologies that will assist others in their understanding of things business and of general interest.


In 1974 there was an almost complete lack of real universal understanding of Life assurance. A Look at Life Assurance, an everyman’s guide to the subject in simple lay language, was an attempt at communicating the fundamentals that the author had developed and experienced with his contacts and clients to make life simpler and get life cover in place. Having been brought up from his age four by his dad following the sad loss of his mother; life assurance , or rather the lack of it, was a subject very ‘close to home’.


Many books, seminars, DVD and CD presentations have followed over the years.


At around the same time Terry joined his old RAF Squadron’s Association and soon became ‘involved’ as a curator. The Squadron’s history and a growing collection of memorabilia absorbed more and more of Terry’s spare time and as joint curator with Benny Watts, a Burma War veteran and established squadron historian the archive grew in stature. Benny oversaw 1915 to 1947 and created a bedrock of albums for the annual reunion. Other members also did their bit. Gordon England created a model collection, Steve Brown a fine array of water colour are and George Haines (1915 RFC) was also an accomplished amateur artist in his day. Terry was tasked with compiling the archive from 1948 to date.


From 1999 Terry absorbed Benny’s role due to his age and ill health and in 2007 the Association made preparations for the 2015 Centenary celebrations that were in prospect. The Squadron was formed on 11th October 1915. A celebration and some form of permanent memento was to be created. A monument was designed and installed at the National Memorial Arboretum which the reader is encouraged to visit. It tells its own story of a great Squadron now known as the GOLDSTARS due to the Squadron emblem being the five pointed gold star of India’s North Western Territories where it first saw service in 1915. The formation of 31 Squadron was 11th October 1915.


Here are two books and a DVD that are spellbinding accounts of a century old Squadron that has only had a break of 8 months in its pretty much  unique 100 years of service. In 2018 the Royal Air Force celebrates 100 years and the Goldstars will probably be celebrating 35 years of Tornado operations at the same time.