• You Sign

    You Sign is an excellent basic book that explains the principles of life assurance / insurance and the financial mechanism of a mortgage: savings for pensions, family protection, and so on. Anyone who has just started a family needs this book. Anyone advising on basic financial Planning needs this book as an able assistant in the sales process. Buying the solution always outlives a sold product.
  • Building a business on bacon and eggs not about eating a cooked breakfast, although it does help us to remember that the pig is committed and the chicken really contributes to that feast. In addition, well bacon eggs may at first seem to have nothing in common together, they are both a feast and a catalyst for great ideas with people sharing a meal.
  • You may or may not have concluded Part 1 of this two part set. This is the advanced element where we deal with the application of more complex arrangements. Understanding the application and use of legal trusts, especially when studying for exams, can be viewed as a problem. The purpose of this CD set of four discs is to ease that view to the point of simplicity. Each chapter is accessible individually; as is each Chapter summary.
  • For many reading time is a problem. Understanding the application and use of legal trusts, especially when studying for exams, can be even more of a problem. Here is the Basic section of the book Trusts a Practical Guide is on CD. Each chapter is accessible individually; as is the Chapter summary.
  • One of the most exciting yet avoided financial planning subjects is trusts. Will trusts, simple trusts , family trusts, life assurance trusts and pension trust; just to mention a few, all play an extraordinary part in the financial planning process. In short, trusts are crucial to the success of even the most basic financial plan.
  • The delightful uplifting of spirits that flows from a flowing rhyme is something really special. That special feeling abounds in this creative and very humorous book of poems. The timbre is perfect and the subject matter sublime from an author, poet of exceptional talent.
  • What can you do when the decisions of those in ‘power’ purporting to serve you, and the greater good, fail miserably. They are unaccountable for their irresponsibility and the facts need to be made public. And here they are – the facts. When you conclude your reading of this catalogue of blunders to make one wonder, the author hopes that you will detect little malice or hot headed rhetoric. FACTS ARE JUST THAT – FACTS.
  • Some say fund management “is an art”, others “a matter of luck – right place at the right time”. The author of Hindsight – The Foresight Saga might well agree with both statements. Hence the book.
  • When you need to fight (non- aggressively) for your cause, there is a need to plan, implement and follow through. So it was with the 2007 Post Office closure initiative that was the second phase of Post Office closures around the UK. Langworth in Lincolnshire was ‘a case in point’.
  • Fee-Pac

    This DVD features practitioner discussions regarding the implementation and practical application of an appropriate charging structure  in a professional practice.
  • You want excitement. You seek courage, endurance and attendant humility. You ,perhaps wonder “why this Squadron , 31 Squadron, THE GOLDSTARS? This is the story of raw aviation history in desert and jungle, monsoon and arid mountains. It does not get any more thrilling and adventurous as this.
  • First in the Indian Skies written by Norman Franks was published by Life Publications Ltd in 1980 and is available second hand from Amazon. It is a complimentary piece of literature , heavy on pictures comprising 255 pages A4 hard bound.