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    So many positive comments have been poured out on this easy to follow ‘ positive communication in the sales environment’ publication that a reprint has taken place and a huge discount applied for the original work. Half price but far from half the value.
  • ‘The Goldstars’ is the latest in the visual library of DVD productions celebrating the Goldstar Collection Centenary Exhibition – the potted history of 31 Squadron initially operating in the North west Frontier of India , through the Burma campaign, the repatriation of prisoners of war (PoWs) from the Japanese camps in Java and into the Cold War in Germany before moving on to a protracted Middle East series of conflicts, This is a history rich in heroism, and fortitude. This is inspiring and entertaining viewing.
  • A few left. An incredibly easy stroll through trust applications to take the student and the experienced practitioner to success. Author Terence P. O’Halloran Chartered Financial Planner. Soft cover A4 246 pages (heavily illustrated examples).
  • In 1958 cine enthusiasts Jim Donnelly and Ken Franklin filmed village life the year round. Their shots included villagers, streets, houses and businesses and many community activities. They filmed farm workers harvesting with the machinery of the day, the school sports, the summer floods, cricket, tennis and bowls matches etc. etc. Three of their four cine reels survived - only to be lost again after one VHS tape was made. Producer Andrew Blow worked from this VHS tape, improving every shot by using the digital tools of today to create a memorable DVD now treasured by the villagers. Supported by the Bassingham Heritage And Community Association. Duration 48 minutes.
  • Rare footage of the damage done when the blitz was at its height, taken by the Sheffield Star’s photographer Bill Baker, augmented by images from the Vic Wright Collection.
  • A feast of information, entertainment, and anecdote as filmmaker Andrew Blow looks back on nearly 500 years of history and follows Mayor making and the civic year. An hour that will make every Lincolnian walk taller for few cities can match Lincoln for civic heritage. "Brilliant" - Henry Ruddock, co-author with Brian Taylor of "Above the Bow." Duration 60 minutes.
  • WW2 radar veterans visit the last surviving wartime Sector Ops room at RAF Digby for a special viewing and expert tour led by Dave Harrigan, now of Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire. A drive through the Stonebow in 1960. Nettleham village life in the 1960s and 70s. Woodheads, Lincoln electrical retailers, in 1955. etc etc Duration 90 minutes.
  • The Lincoln of the mid 1950s. We see the streets that existed before Pelham Bridge, the building of the bridge, and its opening by the Queen in 1958. Wartime shots of RAF planes above the area. Lincoln City FC win promotion in 1948/49. A North Hykeham family’s cine archive including the building of their WW2 air raid shelter and a 1936 march against fascism. The last train to Wragby as Dr. Beeching’s axe fell in 1960 etc etc Duration 73 minutes.
  • “Lincoln and Typhoid” was “Highly Commended” in the Institute of Videography awards. The documentary, working with letters written by local people in 1905, explains the devastating outbreak which killed more than 100 and made more than a thousand sick. Also includes fascinating1950 footage of the City Centre, Lincoln Races, Lincoln Fair, and the Model Engineering Club. And local farmer Geoff Lidgett looks back at his own films from the 1940s and 50s and recalls the days of horses, threshing machines, and traditional hay-making. Duration 63 minutes.
  • Thirty-nine old films from 1918 to 2000 including the High Street in the 1920s and 30s, Rustons, the floods of 1947, the lorry that crashed into Newport Arch etc etc Originally issued to celebrate the Centenary of the Lincolnshire Echo, this classic collection is a favourite of Lincolnians wherever they live. Duration 112 minutes.
  • 100 years on, the first tank men and women are remembered. The poignant ceremony of the unveiling of the new Lincoln Tank Memorial. The Seafarers Dinner at the White Hart Hotel which commemorated the Tank Centenary in the hotel where Tritton and Wilson invented it. How the new memorial was made (including timelapse footage) at Rilmac Fabrication. Interviews with historians, and descendants who visited Lincoln that weekend. Duration 87 minutes.
  • To commemorate the Centenary of the world’s first fighting tanks, this DVD tells how William Foster and Co of Lincoln, led by the enterprising William Tritton, were the unlikely inventors, assisted by the remarkable Walter Wilson, who was seconded to help Fosters by the Admiralty’s Landships Committee. Presented by Military Historian Richard Pullen, whose own grandfather worked on the Lincoln tanks in 1916. Supported item: “My Old Man Flew Harry Tates” – the remarkable WW1 story of soldier turned pilot “Jimmy” Glover, told by his son Rob. Running time 95 minutes.